Top 5 Tips for Office Lighting

The environment of the office is directly proportional to employee productivity. If you want to keep your employees in a perfect physical as well as mental health, then it is imperative that you design the office with consideration and careful planning. One thing that has a major effect on office workers is the lighting in the office building. It needs a lot of consideration before you can choose the lighting of suitable color and temperature for the office. Here are some tips about office lighting that can help you improve the environment in your office.

Natural Light is the Best

When it comes to our eyes, then natural day light is obviously the best for us. It makes everything visible without straining the eyes too much. But offices cannot make much use of natural light because it produces a reflection on the computer screens, making it hard to see what’s on the screen. The best way to utilize natural light is to install big tinted windows in the office, which not only lets daylight in but also reduces the reflection on computer screen.

Choose Warm Color Lights

It is common knowledge nowadays, that blue or white light increases wakefulness and sensitivity in our bodies. On the other hand, warm color lights relax our bodies and cause less eye strain. For offices, you want to choose a light somewhere in between these colors. A light that is not too white as to become uncomfortable or a light too warm to make the employees lethargic and sleepy. However, studies have shown that warm white colored lights are best for offices and play an important role in the productivity of employees.

Use Dimmable Lights

A relatively new technology in lighting is that you can now dim the intensity of lights. Dimmable lights are perfect for office as well as home use because they are adjustable. But these lights are especially helpful in offices because employees need to work eight hours continuously and focus on the computer screen, which not only worsens their eyesight but causes bad posture as well. By using dimmable light in the office, you can dim the lights and relieve your eyes.

Repair Flickering Lights immediately

A common cause of bad eyesight and increased stress in office workers is flickering lights and the failure of employers to maintain the office. Offices need regular managed support services and reactive as well as proactive maintenance to keep it in perfect working condition. Flickering lights are often the target of this negligence. If you notice flickering light anywhere in the office, either change it yourself or call the reactive maintenance contractor of the office.

Install Energy Efficient Lights

There are so many different types of energy as well as cost efficient lightings available in the market that you don’t have to make compromises on them anymore. LED lights should be your first choice. They are energy efficient and cost less in both long and short term. Plus, LED lights are available in variety of colors, temperature and designs that you are perfect for office and home use.