Protect Your Electronic Equipment

When you need a protective enclosure, you want a company that manufactures a strong sturdy product. They must provide you with fabrics made with the latest technology that include polycarbonate and fiberglass materials. They need to provide you with designs that are easy to transport and have a modern look. Their product must be non-metallic, meet industry standards and not easily corrode. They should offer a vast array of products that can provide maximum protection.

Additionally, they should have 12 full product lines with more than 800 parts and 30 configurations. They should have a protective enclosure that will allow back panel and remote sensor mounting for electronic controls. They should offer coverage options that include opaque or clear covers and have different depths available. They must be resistant to harsh environments, have flush sides and have a multiple molded boss for convenient mounting. Their product should balance aesthetics with physical performance and contain a Centurion Series fiberglass reinforce polyester closure. The design must be made for general electric, electronic applications, industrial and OEM applications. 

Their products should include hidden hinge designs and flush fitting covers that are great for control stations and operator interface units. They must have smooth, rounded edges and contemporary aesthetics that fit well into the environment. They need to be chemically resistant and watertight to protect electronic equipment. They need to be resistant to high impacts, made with double insulated material and have no electrical contact. They should also be fire resistant, non-corrosive and withstand hot temperatures. 

They should have enclosures that have a complete environmental seal for added protection. It should have slim-line enclosures that are made of fiberglass and reinforced polyester. It should contain a polyurethane gasket and blank covers. There should be pushbutton openings that fit 22mm and 30mm hardware and external flush wall designs with an unobstructed sidewall. It should have a polymer cover screw and a watertight seal that can be used for a portable control or small junction box. They must provide products that can withstand industrial indoor and outdoor facilities, including mining, oil, gas, wastewater treatment and petro-chem. It should be easy to directly mount to a wall with an unobstructed top and have bottom sides for dense mounting requirements. 

Additionally, the company must have a polycarbonate box with lid that has a double insulated body that can be easily mounted to a wall or rail without external feet or flange. The mounting bolts should be isolated from the interior enclosure and keep the internal system safe. This product should come in a variety of sizes and have a hinge pin system to replace doors easily and be watertight. They should have a product that has maximum flexibility with a sleek design. It must be able to contain high-end electronics, OEM housings and all types of industrial applications.

Your products must not rust easily and survive under variable conditions. The company you choose needs to provide you with strong protective electric enclosures that will last a long time.