Ms Great Flatlands Accounting/ERP execution – financial industry personalization example

Provides and Financial loans. If you’re issuing these types of documents – you most likely already possess production system in position. What is usually seen – this particular loans monitoring system isn’t integrated along with accounting software. Another situation – mortgage tracking program may needed manual curiosity recording, particularly when client is actually state agency employed in state sponsored programs, for example loans in order to farmers or even small away from the coast townships

Client Link. In Ms Great Flatlands borrowers are often customers within the Accounts Receivables component (RM00101 desk – client master). To hyperlink customer along with loans you could have simple Dexterity or even web application/extension to become opened through customer upkeep screen. This customized application will highlight all the actual loans related to this borrower/customer

Interest/Principal bills. In Excellent Plains a person naturally make use of Receivables Administration invoices for this function. The very first step will be manual admittance, based about the interest/principal part, recorded within the above monitoring system.

Automated Interest Computation. Yes – you can associate mortgage with payment schema as well as program it within the formula. The simplest way is to possess this put in place as Saved Procedure within MS SQL Server organization database. Using SQL Professional statement you are able to build formula about the fly, thinking about multiple situation scenarios as well as calculations.

Confirming. Reporting might be based upon both resources – Ms Great Flatlands customer information and mortgage tracking data source, even when the last 1 sits in various platform, for example Microsoft Entry. You can make so-called connected server in order to MS Entry in MICROSOFT SQL Server Business Manager as well as use OPENROWSET building to pull the information from heterogeneous resources. Feel liberated to use well-liked tools, such because Crystal Reviews – a person usually bottom your Very Report upon SQL look at or saved procedure (the 2nd one enables you to use guidelines and construct temp tables in your body of your own stored procs). If you’re building web-application you are able to incorporate Very Report inside it or set up html posting directly together with your result arranged.

Tools. Think about these resources first: immediate web posting from Excellent Plains Organization database – make use of C# or even VB. Internet with ADO. Internet classes; Great Flat lands Modifier along with VBA – if you’re VBA or even VB developer – you are able to create works of art here Feature Content articles, if you’ll need GP furniture structure – Tools->Resource Description->Tables; direct SQL Encoding – you are able to create customized SQL sights or saved procedures within company as well as DYNAMICS directories; Great Flat lands Dexterity – this particular tool demands Dexterity knowledge and you ought to probably agreement consultant or even programmer in order to spec away this personalization and get the job done.